Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.



     Dr. Dan Hill and his wife Pat started Grace Gospel Missions in 2005 while Dan was the pastor of Southwood Bible Church in Tulsa, OK. In 2010 God put it into their hearts to leave the US and go minister in Liberia, West Africa full-time. Once there, they were recruited as associate missionaries with SIM (Serving in Missions, formerly Sudan Interior Missions).
     For the next five years, God allowed Dan and Pat to have an extensive ministry in Liberia. Dan was training pastors, teaching his weekly radio Bible program, organizing daily devotions and weekly discipleship classes for the 250 ELWA Liberian employees, and started the ELWA Bible Institute which trained pastors and church leaders. Thirteen men and two women graduated from the program in January 2018. Both Dan and Pat taught at Monrovia Bible College and Pat was training teachers and doing discipleship training.  During those years they went through a very turbulent presidential election and were there to deal with the beginning and the end of the Ebola crisis. In 2015 God led them to see that the ministries they started were ready to be put into the hands of the Liberians they had trained. They did what missionaries should do and that is work themselves out of a job.
     It was then that they returned to the US and started a new mission for GGM. They call it Project 85. Eighty-five is percent of the pastors in the world have great hearts for ministry but no biblical training.  You can read more about Project 85 under the above ministries link or click here.




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