Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.

Pat and I have been honored to work with others on the mission field.  Here is what a few of our colleagues have said about our work with them and their mission organizations.  We greatly appreciate the opportunities they have given us to serve our great God on the fields that are so white unto harvest. 

I met Dan and Pat in my office in Liberia many years ago.  I found it surprising that their purpose for visiting Liberia was to find a place that they could serve the Lord and the people of Liberia.  Wow, I remember being so inspired during the initial meeting by Dan and Pat that after decades of successful ministry in North America, here was a gifted and educated couple just wanting to serve.  And serve they did.  For five years Dan and Pat were an encouragement to Samaritan’s Purse in Liberia in so many ways; they mentored me as a leader, they counseled, love and cared for our expatriate staff that were working in a challenging context, they were guest speakers and counselors at a number of our spiritual retreats, they taught our devotions many times, they participated in our evangelistic outreaches and they trained pastors that we were working with.  Dan and Pat are an incredible team and will be a blessing no matter what role they are playing.  Dan and Pat’s ministry is anointed and I confidently recommend them.

Kendell Kauffeldt – Country Director Samaritan’s Purse Liberia

I met Dan in Liberia, and immediately sensed his heart for teaching pastors. His experience overseas and as a US pastor, and his broad educational training made him a great fit for our interdenominational pastors' conference in Cuba. Dan was an energizer bunny, with a willingness to take on as much speaking as we could give him--which was a lot! He related well to the Cuban pastors, and his teaching from Galatians on Grace was well received. Don't hesitate to use this man of God if you're in need of teaching and training pastors!

 Bay Forrest - Director of Focus Ministries

GRATEFULNESS FROM LEADERSHIP VISTAS MINISTRIES!   Leadership Vistas is an African ministry which trains church leaders in Central Africa.  We are seeing God do exciting and powerful things to empower local leaders to revive churches and awaken their countries.  We have been blessed to have Dr. Dan Hill join us for two trips recently to Uganda.  He has been enabled by God to teach World Religions one time, and Bible Study Methods on the last trip.  The students were extremely appreciative for the training and we were very glad for Dan’s partnership and fellowship on these trips. The Lord is at work and we are called to join Him!  Thank you Dan Hill!  Amen.

Dr. David Boyher -  Director of Training for Leadership Vista Ministry International

Dan was a joy to work with during my time as SIM Country Director in Liberia. He has a passion for the gospel and reaching the unreached. He was a fantastic support in so many ways from discipling staff at ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) where we had a radio station, hospital and school to weekly radio programs, training pastors, teaching in Bible colleges and helping restore houses. Dan is a man I would always want alongside me in any ministry I was involved in and he was a great support during the Ebola crisis in Liberia.

Will Elphick - SIM Country Director Liberia, 2010 - 2016

I worked with Pat Hill within the SIM team (Serving in Mission) for a number of years in Liberia. She was a great member of the team and was loved by both missionaries and Liberians alike.  She used her many skills and experience in education while working with me on the Christian Education and Teacher Training project. This project offers training, resources and support to local schools and their teachers. Pat is a fantastic administrator and facilitator for the residential training conferences that we ran.  She has a warm and friendly approach to everyone and is always ready to share her faith with those who are interested and willing to listen. She is a caring, mature woman with a wisdom and enthusiasm for life and a real desire to follow God’s leading.  Pat was committed to many projects in Liberia from helping to run our Guest House, training Sunday school teachers, leading discipleship courses for groups of SIM employees to working with the Youth Group at her church in Monrovia. Pat is a dedicated, hardworking missionary.  I feel privileged to have known her, to have worked beside her and above all to be able to call her my friend.

Jenny Elphick - SIM Director of Christian Education Liberia, 2010 - 2016

I have had the privilege of knowing Dan and Pat for over a year now. Dan has been an instructor on three of our trips to Uganda while Pat has taught during one. They are excellent trainers and teachers of God's word and exude an infectious faith that inspires all. In addition, they have an overwhelming love for Africa, its people, and, especially, its church leaders. They are truly special folks called by the Lord to strengthen the African church and make a positive difference for our Savior's kingdom throughout the world.

Andy Bunn - Executive Director of Leadership Vistas International Ministries