Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.

What we Believe

  • Salvation is offered in grace by God to all mankind and is obtained by an individual’s free will decision of faith to believe in Christ as his or her Savior.
  • Once saved a believer is eternally secure and can never lose his or her salvation.
  • The Bible is inspired by God and is fully reliable and inerrant in its original autographs. It is the total of God’s Word to mankind.
  • The Christ Centered Life is lived by faith, as the believer trusts God and walks in the Holy Spirit.
  • God’s purpose for missions today is to support the local church in teaching His Word; the edification of the believer, evangelism of the lost, training pastors, and the exhibiting of the spiritual love of God to others.
  • God’s plan for the ages is dispensational. God will again deal with Israel and the next great prophetic event will be the rapture of the Church.