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Grace Notes is a ministry that host many Bible studies from various pastors and teachers that can be downloaded.  Grace notes also provides a structured online certificate course of study.  For more information about Grace Notes, their verse-by-verse Bible studies and library of related categorical and historical studies and their certificate program of study visit them at Grace Notes.

  The Gospel of Mark

  The Gospel of Luke

  The Gospel of John

  The Epistle to the Romans

  The Book of Ecclesiastes

   The Book of Esther

   Grace Notes Doctrinal Studies (These are numerous categorical studies by various Bible teachers)

Bible Class Notes

These are notes that Dr. Hill used for teaching Bible Classes at Southwood Bible Church where he was their pastor from 1990 to 2010.  Many of the note files includes a corresponding power point presentation.  The older notes were done prior to spell check so please excuse any errors.

  Grace and Faith: Teaching notes and Power Points by Dr. Hill. November 2007 (Eight lessons with Power Points)

  Galatians:  Teaching notes and Power Points by Dr. Hill. Fall of 2007 (Forty lessons with Power Points)

  Free Grace Alliance Conference 2016:  Teaching notes and Power Point slides on Why Man Resists the Teaching of Grace.

Teaching Notes

Here at the Teacher's Notes Dan is using to teach classes in African Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries 

  Theology of Worship: Taught at Ambassador International University, Zambia, 2018 an 2019

  Minor Prophets: Course developed by Dr. Kris Bjorgen and to be taught by Dan at AIU in July 2019

  Africa Bible College, Liberia: In September 2019 both Dan and Pat will be at ABC Liberia, courses to be taught TBA